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Digital Imaging

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Preserve your memories that may disappear or become hard to read over time. We can convert tape, movie film, odd films, negatives, prints, slides.. to almost any digital format you need.
We can photograph your large pictures or paintings. Highest camera shop quality is guaranteed.

We can make a DVD from most video tape formats like VHS, VHS-C, Hi- 8, and Mini-DV, beta... $29.95 for 2 tapes or 2 hours. We can add short tapes for $5 each.
Some people can fix a picture, but Pedro is a master of all the right Photoshop tools and techniques to fix almost anything in a picture. Black and White is our specialty.

Let us copy your DVD to a file so you can easily edit your video at home. AVI, MP4 or MOV files are put on a flash stick or external drive which you can import to Imovie or similar video editing program.
We scan prints, slides, negs.. to files of any shape and kind. We accomidate your needs and abilities.

$65 Per hour to sit with Pedro the editing specialist and our professional software to produce a video show or montage to remember. Your the Director !

Digital Services from Photo Restoration to Digital Video. Scan and 
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