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Tape Conversion to DVD
Tape Conversion to DVD

Don't let your video tape memories fade away...

In house we can convert all types of tapes (VHS, Hi-8, VHS-C, and Mini-DV) to DVD .  The charge for this is $29.99 for each dvd (2 hours of video or two tapes).  For $5 each, we can add extra tapes to a DVD that is less than two hours which is often  helpfull for VHS-C 1/2 hour tapes. 

If you wish to send your videos to our Kodak Lab they can convert all types of tapes as well for $29.95 for two tapes or two hours of video. The process adds thumbnails to the case and music montages to the dvd and takes 21 business days

Kodak also can convert movie film to DVD, maximum of 1600 feet of 8mm and Super 8 or 3200 feet for 16mm film per DVD.  The cost is $39.99 for the first 50 feet and $.20 for each additional foot. 

Kodak can also put slides and prints on a DVD, maximum of 1,000 images per DVD for about 60 cents each.  They must be standard 35mm slides or any print size 8x12 or less.  Background music and color enhancement is included.  Random image files (JPEG format) included for PC viewing. 

Enjoy your memories with easy viewing on your TV.  A Hollywood-style DVD with chapters created at natural scene breaks. These same chapter pictures appear on the DVD case.  Bonus Feature: Music Videos highlight scenes from your footage to the beat of three musical selections

Organize your memories.  Add your own title to the DVD case, disc, and main menu screen.

Share your memories.  When you request Digital Scrapbook software whith your DVD transfer order, you can simply place your DVD in your PC's DVD-ROM drive, and create more favorite memories, such as pictures from your video.

Digital Scrapbook features:

Capture still photos from your video.

Trim video clips and edit photos.

Build slideshows with music and title screens.

Print photos and e-mail slideshows.

All DVD orders include your choice of DVD theme: Baby, Children, Wedding, Celebration, Inspirational, Tropical Paradise, or Standard DVD.

No copyrighted or illegal footage.


We can make a DVD from most video tape formats like VHS, VHS-C, Hi-
8, and Mini-DV, beta... $29.95 for 2 tapes or 2 hours. We can add 
short tapes for $5 each.
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