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Video Camera Rental

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The "Home Movie" has been the greatest hit in the American home for the last 50 years.

You can really have fun and capture your event for everyone to enjoy later. When was the last time you saw an old movie and didn't smile or cry? 

We will set you up with a camera, tape, and 2 charged batteries to make recording an easy and fun task that yields a priceless result...Great Memories!

When done, we will transfer your recording to DVD and provide a slimline case. Optionally if desired, DVD copies are available for $10 each. Editing is available for $45 per hr. (10 minutes can make a big difference in the final product).

We Guarantee your video taking enjoyment!



Rent our Canon VR600 Compact Video Camera as needed. We will 
transfer your recording to full length DVD for your convenience.
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